About Us

Our Story

Dutch Caribbean TV is a growing TV station with our headquarters located on the Island of Bonaire that can been seen in Curacao on FLOW channel 109, Aruba Setar channel 55 and St. Maarten WTN channel 222, Bonaire Telbo MiTV channel 2HD and 73HD DCTV PLUS, https://curwatch, ROKU, (AMAZON) FIRESTICKS, TRES, and on our Facebook page on real time.

We previously operated as Energia Vision for 7 years and It has been 4 years ago that Dutch Caribbean TV underwent a rebranding and began this new journey. We are working very hard to create what we want this TV station to be. With our dreams and our original programming, we are glad that we can share with you our innovative developments.

We have expanded our 7pm news to present daily news from Curacao, Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba, Aruba and St. Maarten. Also Spanish, English and Dutch News are also part of our programming. Our goal is to present verified news, covering most of what’s happening on each Island and where everyone has the right to an opinion, but always respecting the journalism rules and media rules. DCTV has an HD Master control, great programs, both informative and educational, from all the Islands and a most importantly a dedicated and multifunctional team.  

Our Approach

Bring to our viewers a variety of television programs the hight quality and content the general interest.

Meet the Team

These are the people that make the magic possible.

Erick Alvarez

General Production, Direction of Photography, Graphics, Editor. Camera Operator.

Elis Ramirez

Commercial Production, Promotional Production, Video Editing, Production Editing and Montage, Audio Production, Camera Director, Technical Assistance.

Jennifer Felida – Rosa

Master Controller, Traffic, Video Editor, Camera Operator, Camera Director, News Production.

Jeremy Rosa

Video Editor, Camera Operator, Master Control Trainee.

Gilvianne Doran

News Presentor, Production Presentor

Zahid Frans

News Presentor, Production Presentor

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