Na desèmber 2021 STINAPA a komuniká na su stakeholdersnan tokante kambionan di maneho i tarifa pa anochi di e buinan. Doñonan di Yate i empresarionan a pidi STINAPA pa duna klaridat tokante e buinan promé ku e temporada di orkan kuminsá. Sr. Leonel Martijn, Assistant Manager Marine Park ta amplia.

In December 2021 STINAPA announced upcoming overnight mooring policies and fees changes during a stakeholder’s session. Yacht owners and business owners requested STINAPA to shed clarity prior to the start of the hurricane season (June 1st till November 30 th ) regarding the overnight moorings. These moorings are managed by STINAPA and Harbour Village Marina (HVM) on behalf of the government.

Bonaire is a popular and safe destination for yachts to stay over during the hurricane season, as
the island is situated just outside the hurricane belt. During this period the island receives visiting yachts using the overnight moorings awaiting the hurricane season to pass.
The fee for the overnight moorings on Bonaire for the upcoming hurricane season is $11, – per night. The fee consists of a $10, – mooring fee and $1, – service charge. STINAPA and HVM aim to implement a more structural fee change after the upcoming hurricane season has ended. In case of bad weather (South-Western Winds stronger than 5bft), mooring-users are obliged to take their boats off the moorings and go out into deeper waters or reserve a spot at the marina.

This is to prevent damage to the moorings, corals and boats. Discharging sanitary waste water while moored into the waters of the Marine Park is prohibited by law since 2010. Boats without a holding tank are no longer welcome to make use of the overnight moorings as of September 1 st , 2022. However, they can still stay in the Marina and make use of the sanitary facilities on shore. The sewage pump-out facility recently placed by HVM is ready for use. Yacht owners are encouraged to make use of this facility.


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